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  • Do your tents have waterproof function?

    Our tents adopt PVC tarpaulin, which are waterproof.

  • Do your tents have the fireproofing function?

    Yes, our tent itself has inflaming retarding and it can make the open fire burn out automatically in two to three seconds.

  • Are tents available in different colors?

    Yes, we can provide the different colors suit for your need.

  • Can I use tent to extent my house?

    Yes, if the site permits we can erect a frame unit adjacent to any building.

  • How many square meters you can install one day?

    About 2000sqm can be installed in working hours in a day.

  • To install a common clear span tent need how many people?

    General speaking, to install a small or medium-sized clear span tent needs 6 people.

  • What other safety considerations should you know?

    The importance of safety as related to the site survey cannot be over-emphasized.Considerations should be given to obstructions, location, weather, wind exposure, access, exit and anchoring stability.All tent installers must be aware of and adhere to applicable building codes and fire regulations.Finally, a complete quality checklist would assist in completing a safe
    installation and should be developed by each individual company.

  • How to Lay the components?

    Assign and lay all the components in place according to the assembling structure

  • How big a tent do I need?

    Tent size would depend on the number of guests you will have inside the tent you are going to purchase. Usually, it will be 1.5sqm for a person.

  • Can we have our logo or anything else print on the tent?

    Yes, we could print the logo or any drawing in various colors according to your requirements. Fee of printings will be charged additionally.

  • Could you advise the function for these tents?

    Widely used for outdoor exhibition, sports event, party, trade show, trade fair, celebration, outdoor wedding tent, festival, advertising, temporary workshop, warehouse.

  • What is the smallest pagoda that you do?

    The smallest pagoda is 3M *3M suitable for a trade stand at a show.

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